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After a week of political chaos and uncertainty in the ‘United’ (or not so United) Kingdom, British born visual artist and Nashville, TN resident, Ed Nash, felt he needed to express the situation visually.

“Some people demonstrate, others start petitions and many of us rant on social media. I like to make socially relevant art”. Being an immigrant to the US himself, Nash attained an Extraordinary Ability green card and has a unique perspective on many of the themes voiced in the ‘Brexit’ campaign related to immigration, sovereignty, and border control in the US as well.  

                                                   Ed Nash ’MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY’ 48 X 96 inches mixed media on acrylic

Following the ‘Brexit’ vote, Nash designed ‘MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY’  and worked on it round the clock with his studio craftsmen and designers over the next week. “I have been making a series of ‘terrain’ paintings for about 7 years, they look like lava flows and geological formations from the air. Nash saw the correlation between the process of the formation of lava and the current political climate within the United Kingdom. Volcanic Lava that is initially destructive and disordered will become new land and can in fact clean the environment and create more fertile soil. “Right now there is an atmosphere of almost anarchy and total disorder in the UK, yet what has passed cannot be undone, and a new political landscape and cultural terrain will form from that disorder.” “The issues were very geographical and I thought the tectonic and physical nature of the material I used would represent that, and the fact that the material of the piece is breaking apart and reforming into something new - was for me; a visual representation of the situation.”


The piece is 4ft x 8ft mounted on white acrylic and back lit with RGB LEDS that can be remotely controlled. The white flashes on and off looking like an SOS call hence the title ‘Mayday, Mayday, Mayday’. The flag, of course, symbolizes the unity of the UK, however if Scotland does leave the United Kingdom, then the ‘Union Jack’, which is an amalgamation of the St Andrew’s Cross, The St Patrick’s Cross, and St George’s Cross, may need to be redesigned.


Nash’s work is can be found and has been exhibited in many public and private collections around the world including the Senate Building in Washington DC, Tennessee State Museum, Lexon Corporation, Suntrust Corporation, Nashville International Airport, Mandarin Oriental Atlanta, and Corvette Museum in KY. www.ednashart.com